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Physics in Everyday Life: Examples for the Classroom
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Examples of Physics in Our Everyday Lives

Beatrice Bressan brings together a number of outstanding examples of successful cross-disciplinary technology transfer originating in fundamental physics research, which dramatically impacted scientific progress in areas which changed modern society. Many of them were developed at CERN, a hotbed of fundamental inventions in particle physics.

  • The Physics of Everyday Life.
  • The Physics of Everyday Life.
  • How Everyone Uses Physics Concepts Every Day.
  • Importance of physics in our daily life.

This book deals with breakthrough developments being applied in the world of IT, consumer electronics, aviation, and material sciences. Additional sections of the book deal with knowledge management and technology transfer including their economic aspects. While each chapter has been drafted by an expert in the field, the editor has carefully edited the whole to ensure a coherent overall structure.

A must-have for policy makers, technology companies, investors, strategic planners in research and technology, as well as attractive reading for the research community. While the modern picture of what's going on inside an atom is very different than Bohr's initial model, the core idea is the same: electrons move between the special states inside atoms by absorbing and emitting light of particular frequencies.

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This is the core idea behind fluorescent lighting: Inside a fluorescent bulb either long tube or CFL there's a little bit of mercury vapor that's excited into a plasma. Mercury happens to emit light at frequencies that mostly fall in the visible spectrum in a way that can fool our eyes into thinking the light looks white. If you look at a fluorescent bulb through a cheap diffraction grating like you'll find in novelty glasses, you'll see a few distinct colored images of the bulb, where an incandescent bulb gives a continuous rainbow smear.

The Physics of Everyday Life

So, any time you use fluorescent lights to light your home or office, you have quantum physics to thank for it. High angle shot of an unrecognizable young businesswoman working on her laptop in her home office. Computers : While Bohr's quantum model was undeniably useful, it didn't initially come with a physical reason as to why there should be special states for electrons within atoms.

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Well, leaving miracles apart, the answer to all these questions is “Physics.” In fact, Physics governs our everyday lives in one way or the other. Let's have ten. Physics accurately explains the motion, forces and energy present in all the activities of daily life.

That didn't come for almost ten years, but once the idea got locked it, it turned out to be the basis for the most transformative technological revolution of the last century. The radical idea that provided a physical basis for Bohr's special energy states came from Louis de Broglie, a French Ph. This wave behavior is something that can be directly measured, and it quickly was in both the US and UK.

10 Examples Of Physics In Everyday Life

The wave nature of electrons profoundly changes our understanding of how they move through materials, leading to our modern understanding of energy bands and band gaps within materials. We can use this physics to control the electrical properties of semiconductors, and by sticking together bits of silicon with the exact right admixture of other elements, we can make tiny transistors that form the basic bits used to process digital information.

So, every time you turn on your computer say, to read a blog post about quantum physics , you're exploiting the wave nature of electrons, and the unprecedented control of materials that allows. It may not be the sexy kind of quantum computer, but every modern computer needs quantum physics to work properly. These are just a few of the ways that quantum physics shows up in the course of your everyday life.

If you'd like to see these discussed in much more detail, along with several other topics that I may return to in later posts, you should check out my new book, Breakfast with Einstein , available now in the UK from Oneworld Publications and next week in the US from BenBella Books. Like it 0. Dislike it 0.

Math and Physics of the Everyday (Crime, Traffic, Skyscrapers, and more)

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