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Something was wrong in the world, and they knew it. One flew against the window making the Suit jump.

Suit Two went outside. Shots split the air.

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Wings scattered. More shots. Tum closed his eyes. Taking care of the children. How he loved the children. His friend Nico said he must have been a nanny in another life. On the day he received the calling, he was hunkered down with his bike under a big old oak, a monster thunderstorm squatting above him. When he awoke, he had memories of white light. He felt different, in possession of a new clarity, of an inner knowing. He realized he had been searching for someone else to heal him, when the truth was inside him all along.

He climbed on his bike, pointing it toward home, to Whispering Spirit Farm. What an amazing ride that had been. He saw connections everywhere—between him and the wind and the trees along the road. He saw the interconnectedness of everything, the power we all have inside us, and—for the first time—he paid attention. Tum opened his eyes slowly and stared at the man. The book, a diary, was passed down from keeper to keeper. Tum had added his own insights and experiences to the book, just as had the shamans before him. The Suit tapped the Taser against his palm.

A skull chomping down on a flaming heart moved in rhythm with each impatient tap. Tum refused to talk to this piece of shit.

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But these men were not bound by laws and department regulations. Yet he would not speak. Somebody has that book.

Peace out! In the quiet of my kitchen, I slid the letter from its envelope. Sorry to leave you with a mess. Tum roared into my life when I was four, a bigger-than-life man on a huge, noisy machine. He had barely booted the kickstand of his motorcycle into place before he swept me into the air and asked me my name. Our connection had been that instant—he knew it was right to snap me up, and I knew it was right to trust this wild stranger.

Sniffing, not bothering to wipe the tears from my cheeks, I smoothed the paper Tum had touched, my fingers tracing its amazingly lovely penmanship. Where had a man who was more likely to use his hands to break a jaw than push a pen learned such graceful loops and elegant swishes?

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I am Maya Skye. I am named for a civilization that tracked celestial bodies without telescopes or computers, that built enormous and beautiful architecture, that developed a written language while others were still grunting. But they also cut out the still-beating hearts of young girls to appease spirits, and they decapitated the losing team in sporting events. In some ways, I am very much like the Mayas: a bloodthirsty stargazer. This is a problem for one dedicated to enlightenment.

I am a yoga teacher. My calling is to help others. I do not take this responsibility lightly, no matter the karmic consequences. It has always been this way. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. The Suit poked him with the Taser. Tum looked up and saw the Suit had a gun now. The hole in my life was big enough to drive his Harley through. To read more, order Down Dog Diary today. Available in eBook and paperback. Sherry's Yoga Mysteries. It's her life's mission to exact revenge on the tribe that tried to wipe out the LeafWings and ripped every tree from the surface of Pantala.

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